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What do I need to know...


All 2 hr rides are suitable for all levels of riding experience.

On our multi day rides, we cater for all level of riding experience and give tuition on the rides for those that require it however, riders need to be able to rise to the trot at a minimum.  On our 5 and 7 day rides it is preferable that you be a competent, confident rider.  Riding in the High Country is quite physically demanding with up to 8.5 hours in the saddle on some days so we recommend that if you are a new rider who wishes to experience a longer ride, you try to do a shorter ride first where we teach you the basics in control and things such as rising to the trot; likewise, if it’s been a few years since you’ve been in the saddle, we recommend a short ride to get those old riding muscles stretched! You will find by adequately preparing yourself you will enhance your enjoyment immensely.  Weight restrictions do apply - 85 kg for beginners - 95 kgs for intermediate to advanced riders.  We do have some flexibility based on your height and fitness level.

We provide helmets, which are mandatory, saddle bags and water bottles. We also have a number of oil skin coats, swags and chappettes (suede gators that cover the lower leg to prevent chaffing and are strongly recommend to ensure a more comfortable ride ) available for hire.

Water proof coat and gloves.

Wet weather over pants and light waterproof jacket to go over or under oilskin. (A light coat is helps keep your oilskin dry and is much easier to hang and dry after heavt rain) 

Boots suitable for riding, elastic sided, smooth soled and preferably with a heel. (We do have a selection of boots available for those that need them)

Other footwear to change into at night.

Pants suitable for riding such as jodhpurs or track suit pants or thick pants such as moleskins. Jeans with thick inside seams can cause serious chaffing problems, so we would advise not riding in jeans unless you are used to riding in them.

A change of clothes (but not too much!)

Sunscreen and hat Insect Repellant.

A bandana if the weather has been dry as the tracks can get pretty dusty during summer!

Warm sleeping bag or swag and a pillow - please note if you have hired a swag you still need to provide a sleeping bag and pillow to go in the swag

Toiletries ( including personal medication if required)

Towel, and bathers (swimming is not available on all rides but there is a pool back at the Lodge if you feel like a dip when you get back from your ride)

Camera with extra batteries and plenty of room on the memory card.

Alcohol to enjoy around the fire in the evenings (We request that glass be kept to a minimum and suggest that your alcohol or soft drinks be carried in aluminium cans or plastic bottles.) Communal ice boxes keep drinks cold - we rely on the honour system of who drinks what.

Please pack everything in a secure and preferably waterproof pack or bag, (not too big as space is limited.) and if you are bringing a swag, please roll it up very tight.
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